Muffin Else Matters

The Muffinery

About March 22, 2010

Why Muffins You Ask?

…because Cupcakes are too messy!

Who wants to eat all of that frosting? Besides, have you ever really thought about the unbalanced flavors and textures you experience while eating a cupcake? Talk about asymmetrical!

The reason we love muffins so much is because you can receive the instant satisfaction of a sweet treat all while keeping your hands clean!

Our muffins stand out in most people’s minds as light, airy, and full of flavor! We combine full texture with subtle hints of our favorite all-natural flavors. Nutrition was key when developing our muffins and most of our muffins come in at around 190 calories per muffin.

By cutting unhealthy corners, such as butter or egg yolks, we have eliminated both unnecessary fat and calories. We believe in providing the best product we can, which also means we believe in providing the most natural product we can.

We use unbleached pastry flour, organic cane sugar, canola oil and egg whites as the staple to all our delicious muffins. Any other sugar substitute or butter substitute can come from processed products and may include preservatives. This is not the case for our muffins!

It is our goal to provide you with the best, all-natural muffin you could ever eat!

. Look out cupcake lovers!


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